BOCA Thermal Printers

TLS - Boca Systems, a market leader for over 20 years

supplying thermal printers to a variety of venues and locations. From Stadia to Theatres, from Theme Parks to Cruise Liners.

BOCA Lemur Thermal Ticket Printers


Thermal Tickets & Labels

Thousands of different customers across the globe use TLS - Boca Systems for producing thermal tickets, wristbands and plastic cards. We offer significant servicing savings when ordering printers and tickets combined.

TLS - Boca Systems offers high quality thermal tickets and labels


Support & Maintenance

Our service program enables you to keep your Boca printer in excellent condition. Regular service on your Boca printer is an investment that saves you time, money and eliminates downtime. 

TLS - Boca Systems ofers the best support for your BOCA Lemur Printers


Wristbands for All Events

Choose TLS - Boca Systems Wristbands to control access and identify your authorized guests. We have the largest selection of wristbands, backed by our solid reputation for on time delivery, guaranteed quality, and superior service.

TLS - Boca Systems Wristbands